Additional Educational Needs

At Glan Usk Primary School we are a fully inclusive school. We have an experienced team of teaching assistants, Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA) and an Additional Eduactional Needs Coordinator (AENCo) who supports the learners with additional needs across the school. The support includes in class support, withdrawal group support and one to one support. 

Children's needs and strategies are identified on either Individual Learning Plans, Individual Education Plans, Individual Development Plans and Pupil Profiles.This information is monitored twice yearly along with the Pupil Review (child's voice) and updated twice yearly in line with the present Special Needs Code of Practice. This documentation is then discussed with parents during consultations or further appointments if necessary. We provide extensive support for children with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLd), speech and language difficulties, co-ordination difficulties, behaviour difficulties, social and emotional difficulties and liaise accordingly with the relevant outside agencies to implement Individual Learning Programmes.
As a team, we aim to nurture the potential of all children to enable them to achieve their very best.
For more information please contact our AENCo, Mrs James.