More Able Learners

At Glan Usk Primary School we aim to provide a curriculum that is appropriate to the needs and abilities of all our pupils. We plan our teaching and learning in such a way that we enable each pupil to reach the highest level of personal achievement. This policy helps us to ensure that we recognise and support the needs of those pupils in our school who have been identified as ‘more able’ and ‘most able’. 

Those pupils who are considered ‘more able’ or ‘most able’ often have very well developed learning skills. Estyn defines the ‘more able’ as those pupils who achieve significantly better than the average for their year group. 

We respect the right of all pupils in our school, irrespective of difference in ability, to access a number of areas of learning, and to develop the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes that are necessary for their self-fulfilment and eventual development into active and responsible adults.

To find out more about our school policy for More Able learners, please click here: 

If you wish to find out more please speak to Mrs Ivie or a member of the school leadership team. 


The National Association for Able Children in Education also contains further information: