What will my child learn at Nursery?

The Nursery follows the Welsh Government (WG) Foundation Phase Framework for children’s learning, revised 2015. Information can be found at:

The curriculum is continually updated and is implemented by trained staff who work in partnership with all stakeholders to ensure that children’s needs are being met. As a part of the school, the Nursery is inspected by Estyn (the education and training inspectorate for Wales) to ensure that standards are being met.


We promote a natural and stimulating learning environment in the indoor and outdoor area and allow children time to explore and learn about the world around them. Our curriculum and approach prepares the way for a child’s entrance into the school system and beyond.

We aim to achieve an appropriate balance between independent and structured play activities in line with the WG Foundation Phase ethos and offer activities designed to encourage the development of a range of skills.

The statutory Areas of Learning in the Foundation Phase are:

• Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity

• Language, Literacy and Communication Skills

• Mathematical Development

• Welsh Language Development

• Knowledge and Understanding of the World

• Physical Development

• Creative Development


Developing ICT

We aim to develop children’s ICT skills through the whole Nursery curriculum. Your child will be given opportunities to develop ICT skills individually, in pairs and in groups.

ICT is holistic and integral across the curriculum. Children’s ICT skills are developed through a range of experiences that involve them finding and developing information and ideas and creating and presenting information and ideas.

For more information please speak to Miss Pugsley, Leader for Nursery.