Autumn Term Information


We hope you will find the information on this page helpful but if there is anything that you would like explained or anything you need to know then please feel free to contact us by phone call or during a chat at the end of the Nursery session.

Autumn 2018

This term our Nursery themes are - Autumn Time and Believe in the magic of Christmas.

Autumn Time

We are observing the seasonal changes of Autumn.

We love going on Nature walks to collect, sort and count Autumn treasures - conkers, pine cones and field maple seeds. We are celebrating Autumn festivals and are making dens for woodland animals. We are using our ‘orsaf pobi’ baking area to bake Autumn treats! We are learning new vocabulary through sensory exploration. We are reading stories based on the theme of Autumn

Believe in the magic of Christmas

We are learning all about Christmas. We will be performing our Christmas concert ‘A long long time ago.’

We will be joining in with songs and rhymes and having a go at performing on a big stage. We will be developing our imagination through trying on costumes, storytelling and meeting magical characters. We will be using lots of sparkles for art and craft. We will be mark making in many different ways and we will be recognising numbers and shapes. We will learn about Christmas long ago and Christmas today.


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